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Get Keenan’s knowledge and experience delivered to the device of your choice. Keenan Online is an extensive video library where you will find techniques, concepts, training footage, breakdowns and more! All organized in a way to help you improve. Unprecedented access to Keenan’s patented secrets, as he develops them! 


Keenan was a pretty average purple belt for some time. He admits he lost a lot in competitions, in training, in online arguments, everywhere! It was time to change approaches, so he did. He transformed his mindset and began approaching jiu-jitsu differently, starting with how he thought about jiu-jitsu, competed, and most importantly, trained. The results speak for themselves, he became the first person to win the Double Gold Grandslam, winning 8 gold medals at 4 of the IBJJF “big four.” At brown belt he was unstoppable, compiling a record of 108 wins, 1 loss and a submission ratio of 87%. At black belt, Keenan found his home competing with the best out there, achieving some impressive results, both in the gi and without it. More than just a competitor Keenan is a teacher. This is his home for sharing his jiu jitsu. Welcome!

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Keenan has created a realistic approach of teaching jiu jitsu to anyone & everyone in the world with good & proper technique! He guides you with instructor-led videos every step of the way. You can easily learn BJJ from home.

Billed Monthly

$2495per month
  • Unlimited Access
  • 500+ Premium Training Videos
  • Learn Directly From Keenan Cornelius
  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Friendly

Billed Annually

$1999per month
  • Unlimited Access + FREE wormguard *DVD*
  • 500+ Premium Training Videos
  • Learn Directly From Keenan Cornelius
  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Friendly


If we didn’t answer your question below, feel free to send us an email at: and we’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

I Need To Contact You, Where Can I Reach You?

You can email us at or go to the “Contact” page and fill out the form there.

How Many Videos Are Uploaded Per Week?

3-5 Videos are uploaded per week.

Will I Get Access To All Content If I Join?

Yes. You will get access to all the same content on both monthly and yearly subscriptions, but the yearly subscription saves you $60!

How can I save money on the cost of my subscription?

If you sign up to a yearly membership you will pay the equivalent of $19.99 per month (billed up front in one payment) and save $60! Just click here to start the sign up process

Does It Matter What Belt I Am?

Nope! That’s the beauty of it. Keenan teaches techniques that can be understood and used at all belts.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes. You can cancel at any point in your subscription. But we’re positive you won’t want to 🙂