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You’ll also get the hang of Jiu Jitsu much faster than you ever could by simply, “showing up” to class.

Keenan Online

  • Feeling lost against higher belts.
  • Held back by plateaus and obstacles.
  • Constantly worried that lower belts are gaining on you.
  • Drilling random techniques in class that you’ll never remember.
  • Frustrated by the fear of losing.
  • Relying on being ‘FAST’ or ‘BIG’.
  • Nobody knows your name.

Keenan Online

  • Learn world-beating moves proven at the highest level.
  • Quickly find all the answers to your problems on the mats.
  • Leapfrog everyone else on your way to the next level.
  • Don’t look for random tools in the shed; sharpen them!
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  • Be great in all areas: regardless of size, age, strength or flexibility.
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What’s Inside?

Designed courses for white, blue and purple belts

Just because you’re at the lower belt levels, it doesn’t mean you have to spend years of your life catching up. With our unique courses you can go from lamb to wolf among your peers in no time.

700+ videos in our ever-growing library

Our database evolves just as fast as Jiu Jitsu does. Which means the answers you’re looking for will always be right there at your fingertips.

Sparring footage and match breakdowns

Go behind the scenes with Keenan as he trains at various gyms around the world or peek inside the mind of a world class black belt as he narrates some of his favorite matches at the highest level of competition.

How It Works

Keenan Online The Fastest & Most Effective Way To Get The Answers You Need On The Mats…

Courses Answering Your Biggest Problems

All videos at Keenan Online have been organized into specialized courses designed to take randomness and uncertainty out of your training. So you can go beyond individual techniques, and master the game around them. 

Build Confidence in Your Game

Each lesson plan takes you from foundational 101 positional concepts and progresses into more advanced techniques and strategies, helping you develop a rock-solid game from all areas. 

Add Links to Your Chain

In Jiu Jitsu, everything connects. With this in mind, think of each course as link in a chain. A chain that begins with a fist bump and ends with your opponent tapping out. When you finish one course, focus on the chain link either leading in or leading out. This is the best way to legitimize your Jiu Jitsu.

Who Keenan Online Is For

Novice Belts

Tap out more of your peers, make the belts above you sweat and hear them all whisper…


I really learnt a lot from your white belt survival course. It filled in many gaps in my understanding of the fundamentals. Your explanations about the mindset gave me a clearly grasp on how to connect everything together. So glad and thankful that you decided to share your knowledge

Intermediate Belts

Make a name for yourself in the gym, be the one people come to for advice and hear them say…

“That’s the next
black belt.”

Just wanted to let you guys know just how Great I think all this is!! Everything is impressive from the content, the audio, and the format. Keep up the good work!!

Advanced Belts

Your journey doesn’t end at black belt.
Be the black belt people say is…

“On another level”

I am really happy with the way this website is developing. I initially signed up for a year membership this time last year as I come from a very basics/old school focused approach to Jiu-jitsu and thought it would be cool to get exposure to some of the newer cutting edge stuff that Keenan is always developing (I am a 2nd degree Black Belt under Fernando Terere). But I have been very impressed with Keenans teaching skills and abilti
ability to clearly articulate both techniques and the concepts behind them. My membership came up recently for renewal and I am on board for another year and excited to see where this site will go. I am looking to compete more this year (a bit more challenging at 46 and working full time and supporting a family but I feel having Keenan as a ‘coach’ will be a big help.


Get on top of the podium.
Be the favorite.

“The one to watch.”

Its creazzzzzzzy videos IIIIIIII as a small person 140Ibs I fight (not roll 🙂 ) everyday with big guys. Lapel – thats one thing which can really stop them and give me the chance to win ! I took already so much info even from the first video! my regards and thanks to Keenan !
PS I won Europe IBJJF Lisbon -2019 using warm-guard 2 times


Stay on top of the latest techniques, no matter how busy you are. Give your students the results they need and they’ll call you…


I believe Mr Cornelius is one of the most innovative and forward thinking athletes in Gi BJJ today. His innovative lapel guard has been tying up and controlling the toughest opponents at the highest levels in a way that is extraordinarily impressive.

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