Learn How Michael Used Lapels To Win Masters Gold

We receive a ton of messages from people telling us about all the different ways Keenan Online has helped them find quick wins and long term gains on the mat. And you know what? It feels great to read them. Because it proves to us something we've known for years... ... and that's that KEENAN KNOWS HIS SH*T. There are so many YouTube and [...]

5 Principles for Getting GOOD at Jiu Jitsu

Our goal at Keenan Online isn’t to just put together an awesome library of content, or to create a substitute for Netflix ‘n’ Chill. Our goal is to be your numero uno resource for Jiu Jitsu knowledge. You’re investing your time and your money into the dream of getting good at Jiu Jitsu, and we want to help you turn that dream into a [...]

How to Get Good at Jiu Jitsu, FASTER: Drill Like Keenan Cornelius

It’s ok. We’ve all been there… We've all spent an entire class drilling a technique, working to be as smooth as possible and to lay down new neurological paths in our grey matter.  And, we've all tried to hit that technique later in live sparring only to balls it up royally. And why is that? I mean, you did everything you were supposed to [...]

Gi-Zekiel choke from the mount

Keenan shows a familiar choke you've probably seen here on Keenan Online, but this time shows how to set it up from the mount and how you can use it to set up the other attacks from the mount.

Triangle from the mount

Keenan shows how to isolate your opponent's arms away from their body to expose the triangle choke and adds some variations to combat possible defenses.

Forcing 50/50 to escape the back

Welcome to K̶e̶e̶n̶a̶n̶O̶n̶l̶i̶n̶e̶ SunshineOnline where our beloved Sunshine teaches one of his favorite ways to prevent the back take by forcing 50/50 when your opponent has one hook in.