Flying Kimura Trap To Pass Single Leg X

The kimura trap is available from everywhere. But if you wanna hit it from the single leg x, and put it in your next Instagram highlight reel, you gotta do the work to set it up right. Because if you don’t, you’ll be the star in someone else’s highlight reel. Lucky for you, Keenan’s got you covered. Parkour!

Back Take Against Single Leg X

When passing the single leg x, your opponent is expecting you to do a number of things, like push their foot, grab their collar, try to back step, and more… … but they never expect you to take their back. Click play on the video above and sit back as Keenan walks you through this deceivingly advanced looking technique, so you can make it [...]

Passing Single Leg X By Stepping Over Your Opponent

If it feels like your opponent has steel cables for hamstrings, unraveling the single leg x can be tricky. In this video, you’ll discover a super unconventional method that will help you take your opponent’s single leg x apart with ease. Yes, it looks a little kooky, but trust us, it works.

Pigeon Toe Passing The Single Leg X

One of the biggest obstacles associated with passing the single leg x is that your opponent has the opportunity to reset their guard at various times during the pass. In this video, not only will you learn a reliable method for taking apart the single leg x, you’ll also learn the secrets to denying your opponent the opportunity to weasel back in. Click play [...]

Back Stepping Out Of Single Leg X

Nearly everybody knows how to back step out of the single leg x. However, not everybody knows how to come out on top after the scramble. In this video, Keenan reveals exactly why the back step has failed for you in the past and what you need to do to make that scramble work in your favor.

How To Disassemble The Single Leg X

Frustrated because you’re stuck inside your opponent’s single leg x, again? You won’t be after you watch this video. Click play and discover Keenan’s super simple 3-step plan for taking apart your opponent’s guard, piece by piece.

Guard Passing Lab – How To Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Opponent

Don't just guess what your opponent's reactions will be to your guard passing attempts - test them out. In this video, you'll learn a cool little game to help you expose and identify your opponent's most common reactions to your guard passing engagements, so you can prepare effectively and always stay one step ahead of them.

Reverse Torreando From The Cross Grip Pass

There are not many effective defenses to the cross grip passing, but there is one specific counter that can really ruin your day… … but don't worry, we've got you covered as we are going to give you the counter to the counter. Click play and get ready to hit an Uno reverse card on your opponent. The look on their face will be [...]

Cross Grip Passing – Finishing The Pass By Switching Sides

As any high level guard passer will tell you, it's very rare that the first guard pass attempt will result in a pass. Usually, the first passing motion causes your opponent to over compensate by turning to one side to defend. This is where one of the main advantages of being on top, lateral mobility, comes into play. Watch the video above to learn [...]