How To Play Guard With Just The Lapel

Getting smashed trying to set up the lapel guard? Yes, it’s true that once the lapel guard has been initiated, life can be absolute hell for your opponent. However, if your opponent catches on to your intentions, as you grab the lapel, and starts to close the distance on you - fast - before you can get your legs into play, setting up your lapel guard can be impossible. In this video, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to create space and maintain distance against a pressuring opponent so you can easily control them and comfortably set the wheels of their demise in motion.

How To Pull Guard And Engage With The Lapel

In this video, you’ll learn Keenan’s exact method for cutting to the chase and entering the lapel guard game as quickly as possible… .... no matter how nice and neat your opponent has tied their belt. Plus, you’ll also discover the most common mistake people make when pulling lapel guards - a mistake that basically gives your opponent a free pass - and the simple thing you can do to avoid it.