For the longest time the only difference between being a monthly subscriber or a yearly KO subscriber was the lower price per month for the later. As well as access to an ancient Worm guard DVD.

It worked in the beginning, but by now that’s a very outdated incentive/ perk for the most loyal subscribers. That’s where proto guard comes in.

During the Great quarantine of 2020 Keenan began experimenting with a new position. Well, really with 2 grips, two distinct lapel grips. Grips that you don’t have to switch.

The grip switch is a major flaw in many guards out there it’s something that a good guard passer waits for and exploits.

With The Proto Guard, it’s less about grip switching and more about securing Two Supremely Dominant Grips, and keeping those two grips the entire time.

As of this writing 3-4 people, all a part of KO team, know this system. I guarantee you, no one coming out of quarantine will be ready for this.

Let’s get started by learning how to get to Proto positions from the 90s Worm… From there the secrets will unravel.

Check how Lapel Guards evolved since the 90’s in our 2020 Lapel Guards Courses or better yet The Lapel Encyclopedia.