Are you brand new to the No-Gi Jiu Jitsu game? Or are you more of a veteran?

Regardless of your answer, this course will be very beneficial to both parties.

If you’re a No-Gi veteran, you know that passing in No-Gi can be very tricky, and quite different to passing in the gi. If you’re brand new, then you’re about to experience it for yourself.

The reason No-Gi guard passing is so different to Gi passing is probably quite obvious. There are no grips, holding someone down becomes extremely difficult especially after the 2nd round when everything is slip n’ slide and the battle for underhooks is felt almost everywhere.

No-Gi guard passing can be extremely confusing for beginners and very frustrating even to OG’s of the game.

This course is here to make your life a better place, a place with less confusion and less frustration. A place with more successful guard passes.