Keenan is known for being a Gi influencer you could say. Revolutionizing the way competition matches are played through the many Lapel Guards that fired out of Keenan’s brain. But did you know…

…as long as competition achievements go, Keenan is actually more accomplished in No-Gi…. I know right, that’s crazy, lemme tell you more about it since you know…

…you’re here.🙂

Winning the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Two Times at Black Belt and Medalling Two Silvers and Two Bronzes at ADCC, Keenan is extremely knowledgeable
in No-Gi.

So, let’s talk about No-Gi Stand Up.

What happens on the feet can dictate the entire match and have a massive impact on the result, especially in No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

Therefore, knowing how to wrestle is essential. Even if you’re a Guard Player, you’re not going to magically teleport to your back without running the risk of getting taken down.

Being skilled in No-Gi Stand Up will give you the advantage of feeling comfortable on your feet too.

In this course, we will dive deep into Effective Wrestling movements, a cornerstone in No-Gi Grappling, as well as other essential No-Gi Stand Up techniques such as standing Front Headlocks.

This No-Gi Stand Up Course Synergizes well with the Front Headlock Course.
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