The De la Riva Guard and The Reverse De La Riva Guard are Classic Guards nowadays, even though they were Revolutionary back in the day.

Today they’re probably the Most Played Guards in any academy, so it’s important to learn them well.

Before you get into this course…

…”What is De La Riva Guard?

Well, to put it into simple terms, De La Riva Guard is where you use your foot to create a hook behind your opponents knee/ thigh.

Your other foot can be placed onto your opponents hip to manage distance or even elevate your opponent if they commit their weight too far forwards.

What should my hands do?

On the side you have the De La Riva hook, your hand can either cup the ankle or make a grip on the pants.

Your spare hand can hold any one of the two sleeves or any one of the two collars…

…depending on your attack.

“What about The Reverse De La Riva Guard, what is that like?”

Simply, it is used to reverse things up. Can’t go one way? Time to spin between your opponents legs, get under them and…

…go for the back and stuff, you know, like the cool kids do.

Explore this Open Guard: De la Riva & Reverse De La Riva Course below.

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