Have you ever been stuck in a good, no, GREAT, Lasso Guard?

You feel like you can’t really do anything unless your opponent decides to attempt an attack right?

The Lasso Guard is essential for playing guard and guard recovery, it’s a very dynamic position seen at all belt levels that everyone should learn and know how to master.

By completing this course, you will be gifted with all the tools you need in order to own an unpassable Lasso Guard.

We’ll be covering how to Control, maintain your Guard, Sweep, Submit, and even how to connect and combine it with other Guards.

In other words, Keenan will teach you how to have a great Lasso Guard.

Use your unfortunate banishment from the mats to study this position, make notes. Before resuming training review those notes and see what happens when you can practice this live. It can be an uphill battle, but this time you’ll be coming in with a bigger axe.