There are certain concepts that can act as cheat codes.

Small things, obvious to a Keenan, but potentially super valuable for a not-Keenan.

Concepts help you formulate a plan.

For guard passing success… having a plan is crucial.

If you don’t have your goals and means to achieve them… you may get tied down, especially when rolling against a higher belt.

That’s why the first part of this course is all about concepts.

Concepts that will come in handy and more clear as you progress through Keenan Online Passing Courses.

A big part of this course focuses on various half guards and how to pass them.

At least one pass is shown for each guard.

However if you’re more experienced, try to tie the instruction into how you’ve been approaching the guard and see if you can make some tweaks.

You’ll come out of this course as a better guard passer.