Are you ready to step up your guard passing game?

Passing the De La Riva and it’s brother Reverse De La Riva is something you will most likely be forced to do in every sparring session…

…unless you’re rolling with someone way more experienced than you, then all you’ll be forced to do is fight your way out of submissions.

But anyways! Back to our topic here.

De La Riva and Reverse De La Riva are extremely popular, common guards, and knowng how to deal with them is a skill that can become a game-changer.

Everyone knows Keenan for his guard, but his passing is actually just as good.

This course will give you the tools you need to shut down opponents playing De La Riva Guard and Reverse De La Riva Guard on you.

If you apply these passing techniques properly you will make your opponents doubt their ability to even play these two modern guard styles.

Remember to take notes and put into practice on the mat what you learn here on Keenan Online. Enjoy!

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