Whether you’re an ultra-heavyweight Viking or a rooster-weight with gis that weigh more than you do, a solid – well-built – pressure passing game can be your greatest tool for demolishing anyone from the top… 

… you just need to know how to do it right

Don’t get us wrong: pressure passing is a grind.

But the finer details, and the “ah-a” moments of clarity, you’ll discover inside this course will make all the difference in whether that grind is for you…

… or one for your opponent.   

Regardless of your weight division, this course will give you the tools you need to build the know-how and confidence for your own elite pressure passing game.

Get ready to dive deep into the 4 archetypes of pressure passing:

  • – Double Unders
  • -Over Unders
  • – Side Smash
  • – Position 1 (Don’t let its arbitrary name fool you, this bad boy is truly devastating for any would-be guard player)
  • Cross Grip Passing

After watching this course, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and tools you can apply on the mats at your very next training session, such as…  

  • – Exactly where to place your shoulders, head, and the rest of your body to 10x the pressure of your weight and give your opponent that “I just stepped on a piece of Lego, barefoot” facial expression. 
  • – Understand the ins-and-outs of controlling your opponent. No matter how much they struggle, they’ll just fall deeper into the quicksand that is your pressure passing game. 
  • – The 3 Ps of pressure passing – hip pressure, counter-rotational pressure and the crucial mechanics of three-point pressure – jiu jitsu’s lesser known, yet vitally important, triangle. 
  • – Directional pressure and how to use it in your favor. One false move in any direction can completely derail your pressure passing game. After this course, you’ll know exactly what to avoid so you can stay on the path towards crushing your opponent. 
  • – How to combine all 4 pressure passing positions to become a guard player’s worst nightmare.
  • – And many more!

This pressure passing course combines very well with our knee cut and longstep passing course.

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