Ever wanted to take a private lesson from Keenan? Those are about as hard to secure as catching a snow leopard in the Himalayas.

But that’s why you’re a smart, smart person and you have a Keenan Online subscription. Keenan recorded some of his recent privates to add YOU as a student. Here’s what they cover:

Anti Jiu Jitsu Private Lesson

Keenan recommends this Private Lesson for those who are White or Blue belts and want to engage in some Lapel Guard. This private will give you the tools necessary to connect Anti Jiu Jitsu (Lapel stuff) to more Traditional Techniques.

Great for White & Blue belts who bought The Lapel Encyclopedia.

– Keenan Cornelius

Also check out our White Belt Course and our Blue Belt Course.

Mario Lopez Private Lesson

Yeah, Mario Lopez does Jiu Jitsu, he’s actually a pretty good Blue Belt! Keenan met up with him and did a Worm Guard Crash Course, covering the basics as well as the lethal Reverse De La Worm guard. Great for those who are just starting to dabble in Lapel Arts.

Teaching The Ruotolo Twins

If you don’t know the Ruotolo Twins, don’t worry, you’ll hear plenty about them. Training since they could barely walk, these two wunderkinds are getting close to adulthood, which spells bad news for competitors everywhere. Keenan talks Cross Grip Guard Passing & Squid Guard with them, followed by mid-sparring instruction.