We believe this submissions defense course will be extremely beneficial!

“Who?! Who will this be beneficial to?“

The answer is simply, to EVERYONE!

Regardless of your belt rank, whether you’re a white belt or even a black belt.

Competitor or Coach.

This submissions course will work wonders for you and let us tell you exactly why!

As a white belt, especially a new one, this one’s pretty obvious but you don’t really have any experience to get you out of submissions and what you’ve learned in class yesterday might be long gone out of your head so this will be your stop to re-watch and re-learn that one magic defense.

As a more experienced jiu jtsu practitioner on the other hand…

…you’ve got the hours on the mat and you got good reactions we’ll give you that but…

often times as experienced practitioners we tend to just ‘go with the flow’ and we rely on that to get us out of sticky situations.

What if we told you that combining your great reactions with actual knowledge of exactly what to do and where to go next will be a HUGE step up in your game.


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