Are you a Paid Advertising Expert?

Tell your boss to shove it, bring your talents to Keenan Online

Are you a Paid Advertising Expert?

Tell your boss to shove it, bring your talents to Keenan Online

Your role

Responsible for creating, managing, and executing highly targeted digital media campaigns, across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Ads.

This role also requires campaign analyses and tracking analytics to achieve our goals of positive return on ad spend.

Working under the direction of the Head of Marketing, you are required to aid in the development of digital strategies and media buys to achieve advertising objectives.

This role drives innovation on both the strategic and campaign level, and the execution of a variety of online media campaigns across display, mobile, social, and video.

The ideal candidate has at least 3 years of experience in paid advertising with a focus on social, Google ads, A/B testing, and integrating different media channels to optimize campaign results.


Supports team growth, development, and implementation of new initiatives.

Interprets business objectives and, working with the Head of Marketing, develops effective advertising programs to achieve those objectives.

Working with the Head of Marketing to develop advertising strategy across all digital channels to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of brand messaging.

Includes digital advertising, such as PPC, programmatic ads, and social media ads.

Oversees campaign creatives and guides digital media planning and execution.

Manages advertising calendars and produces media plans and forecasts.

Paces delivery of campaigns, ensuring ad spending remains within budget and on track.

Establishes digital campaign measurement and analytics strategy and reports on campaign KPIs.

Implements digital advertising plan and maintains budget control throughout entire process.

Manages input from stakeholders throughout the company to develop advertising campaigns that meet business requirements.

Works with third-party vendors to ensure the accuracy of digital media order entry and processing. Tracking media budgets and expenses by channel.

Establishes, develops, and maintains media, vendor, and partner contacts.

Determines which paid channels yield the best returns and allocates advertising budget accordingly. Monitors/adjusts campaign controls to achieve optimal results.

Create and present plans and campaign reports to the Head of Marketing and stakeholders.

Clearly communicates campaign successes, failures, and optimizations for future campaigns.

Responsible for keeping up to date with new big data initiatives and analytics.

Troubleshoots common campaign issues.

Work with the Head of Marketing to monitors social, cultural, and industry trends and their impact on the BJJ community and consumer behavior.


Jiu jitsu – At least a blue belt in jiu jitsu. More experience is a bonus, as is familiarity with lapel guards and styles Keenan is known for. With outstanding professional credentials, we may be able to hire an experienced white belt. NO JIU JITSU, NO JOB.

Proven experience evaluating, developing, and executing a variety of online media campaigns.

Project Management – Experience coordinating with multiple stakeholders and teams to create digital advertising initiatives that support specific to the organization initiatives.

A/B Testing – Proven experience developing and running rigorous A/B tests, including ad copy, audience segmentation, and landing page tests.

Analytics – Experience collecting and analyzing the appropriate advertising metrics for the purpose of optimizing digital advertising strategy and tactics.

Analysis – Experience researching and analyzing the effectiveness of paid search activities in meeting campaign and business objectives.

Organization – Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects or initiatives effectively and efficiently while maintaining priorities, deadlines, and deliverables in a fast-paced environment.

Critical Thinking – Ability to identify trends and adjust strategy using analytical and quantitative problem-solving.

Teamwork – Ability to work with our team and utilize tools such as Trello to make his/her work part of a team effort in achieving KO objectives.

Humor – Getting better at jiu jitsu is a serious business, but we love to use humor to promote Keenan Online, so a sense of humor is mandatory. Candidates will be asked to perform a 20 min stand up comedy set during the interview process. Just kidding, lol. Or am I?


While SoCal, especially San Diego residents will have priority in the selection, many of our team members work remotely.

Anti-corporate environment. Keenan and his team didn’t persist in jiu jitsu, often against advice to find more traditional employment, to wear suits, work in cubicles and hate their life. While we’re very serious about dominating the online jiu jitsu world, we have a lot of fun and we value freedom.

We can guarantee that advertising Keenan Online will be more fun than anything you’ve done previously, because of the creativity and humor that is allowed and encouraged.

Opportunity to hang out and train with Keenan (at his academy that will be open later this year).

Money. Yeah, we’ll give you money, despite all the perks described above. How cool is that? The # of freedom dollars will be agreed upon later in the hiring process.

Posted June 15th.