Leg Dragging Your Opponent When They Try To Invert From Reverse De La Riva

If your opponent is adamant about inverting underneath you from the reverse de la riva, and you let them spin beyond the point of no return, you my friend are screwed… … that is, you will be if you don’t watch this video. Inside, Keenan gifts you with an effective option for turning the tables on your opponent, so you can use their own [...]

Tips And Tricks To Help You Longstep The Reverse De La Riva

To nail the longstep, each and every time you try it, you gotta understand the longstep, inside and out. In this video, Keenan dives deep into the cell structure and function of the reverse de la riva / longstep dichotomy to give you an innate understanding of the position, so you can pass it intuitively: without thinking.

Longstepping The Reverse De La Riva

In this video, Keenan reveals a few key pointers to why your longstep may be letting you down on the mat and exactly what you need to do to make it work.

Shin Slicing Through The Reverse De La Riva

If your opponent curls up tight and has a super-strong hook that’s making it difficult to initiate the kneecut, we got another option for you… In this video, Keenan reveals why sometimes going one step backward can actually work to your advantage and how you can use it to redirect your pass and get the job done, no matter how strong that hook of [...]

Knee Cutting The Reverse De La Riva

Get ready, because in this video, Keenan pulls the curtain back on the mystery that is the reverse de la riva and exposes it for what it really is… Click play and watch as Keenan deconstructs the pros and cons of the reverse de la riva (mostly cons) and how to recognize and use your opponent’s self-imposed limitations in this position to your own [...]

Passing De La Riva With A Sleeve Grip Longstep-Knee Cut Combo

If you’re having trouble breaking your opponent’s grip on your pant sleeve, Keenan’s got another killer option for you. In this video, you’ll learn how reinforcing your opponent’s grip… … yes, that’s right, reinforcing their grip can help you set up not one but two simple, yet ultra-reliable, guard passes that’ll score yourself three of the easiest points you’ll get all day.

Using The Shin Slice To Enter The Cross Grip Passing System

If you’re a fan of Keenan’s cross grip passing system, you’re going to love this video. Inside, you’ll discover how to use the shin slice to break your opponent’s grip on your pants and combine it with one of the - if not the - highest percentage open guard passes in jiu jitsu today.

Reverse Leg Drag When Your Opponent Defends The Shin Slice

One of your opponent’s most common defensive reactions, when attempting to break the grip on your pants with the shin slice, is to apply resistance to your knee with their leg. In this video, Keenan reveals a sneakily little maneuver you can use to redirect your pass and catch your opponent, literally, off-guard.