This No-Gi Kimura Trap system is a mostly Defensive but Extremely Powerful control point.

It gives you such rotational control over your opponent that under the right circumstances…

…it will have you throwing bodies around like it’s child’s plays.

The No-Gi Kimura Trap, which can also be used just as well in the Gi…

…is a Technique you can see being utilized at the Highest Level of Jiu Jitsu across All Belts.

“From what position can I attack The Kimura Trap?”

Good question!

You can attack The Kimura Trap from:

  • Top 🔝
  • Bottom🍑
  • Standing🧍‍♂️

So what we’re saying is that…

…depending on how Creative you get with it and how much High Quality Coffee you had that day, you can pretty much attack it from nearly everywhere. (Bottom mount is one of the places where you can definitely NOT hit The Kimura Trap).

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