How good is your Diesel Squeezel?

Wait, you don’t know what the Diesel Squeezel is?

It’s all good, you’re here now. Keenan will show you the way!

This No-Gi Submissions Course relies heavily on Chokes and here’s why. It is way harder to pin someone down in Side Control or anywhere really in No-Gi compared to Gi, that means that your opponent will find it easier to turn into you or away from you and turtle and YES! That exposes their neck, ready for you to squeeze.

This course will teach you a bit about how to use Kimura Trap. In No-Gi, The Kimura Trap is super strong for control, and that control will guide you to the Submission.

If you want to learn more about the Kimura Trap, make sure you check out our Kimura Trap Course.

After finishing this No-Gi Submissions Course, you will have a way better understanding of the art of Strangling Necks, utilising The Kimura Trap to your advantage and overall being able to spot submissions before submissions spot you.