Download Your Plan & Open With PDF Reader


In order to edit your Jiu Jitsu Acceleration Plan, you will first need to download the plan to your desktop or device and open it using a PDF reader such as Preview (Mac) or Adobe Reader (Mac + PC), etc.


download jiu jitsu acceleration plan to pdf reader


Writing Your Plan


To save on trees, we recommend you fill out the pages of your Jiu Jitsu Acceleration Plan digitally. 


To write on a page, ensure you have “Annotations” enabled so you can edit the PDF. 


jiu jitsu acceleration plan preview annotations

Preview (Mac)


Tools > Edit PDF
jiu jitsu acceleration plan annotation adobe

Abobe Reader (Mac + PC)


Simply drag the text box to the area you wish to write and get to work. 

adding text to the jiu jitsu acceleration plan

Don’t worry if you’re text doesn’t quite fit, as Preview (Mac) or Adobe Reader (Mac + PC) will allow you to change the font, size and color to suit your needs. 

edit text in jiu jitsu acceleration plan

Duplicating Pages


At the beginning of each week, month, or new 90-day cycle, you will need to duplicate pages such as your goal contract and periodic reflection pages in order to complete them for the relevant rolling periods. 


To duplicate a page hold the Option key (Mac) or the Ctrl key (PC) and drag the page thumbnail down to where you want to place it. 

how to duplicate pages in jiu jitsu acceleration plan