Life at Legion Episode 1

In this video, which isn't a vlog, because Keenan doesn't want us to call it a vlog, but it is totally a vlog, you'll get a feel for what a day at Legion is like. On this particular day we had a visit from Flograppling, some tough noon training, a story about running from dogs and gangs in a third-world country... it's [...]

Video buffering issues

Hi there,  since you’re here on this site, it seems like you’re having some video playback issues while trying to watch KO videos.  The videos might be buffering, taking ages to load, not loading at all…. ...whatever it is we understand how annoying it must be.  It’s safe to say you’re probably pretty mad at this point.  We want to help, so here [...]


https://vimeo.com/386345041   Right now we'd like to introduce you to our latest and greatest Keenan Online newsletter segment - the Keenan Online Fireside Chat.   From time to time, Keenan and Miha will be sitting by the Legion HQ fireplace to fill you in on the latest updates to the site and what you can expect from us here at Keenan Online.   In [...]


TROUBLESHOOTING THE LAPEL LASSO https://vimeo.com/401087878     Do opponents weave their arms under your leg to stack you when playing the lapel lasso?   Have no idea what the lapel lasso is, and you’re too afraid to ask?   Well, if you answered yes to either of those questions above, then this is the private class for you.    Simply hit play on the [...]

Squid Guard Inversion Sweep

  https://vimeo.com/308167008   There are some intricate details when playing the Squid Guard that people often miss, and it can lead to getting squashed. If you can familiarize with this experience, you need to watch this.

Backtake From the Deep De La Worm

  https://vimeo.com/307293797   This is a bread and butter technique that can be used in all variations of the Worm Guard -- and it's also one of Keenan's go-to paths when setting up match finishing submissions. Check it out.

How to Find Lapels From Bad Situations

  https://vimeo.com/307255042   Sometimes, things don't go to plan and sometimes, the sh*t hits the fan. So what do you do when you lose your lapel grips and are in danger of being smashed? You do this...

Hiring – Paid Advertising Expert

Are you a Paid Advertising Expert? Tell your boss to shove it, bring your talents to Keenan Online Are you a Paid Advertising Expert? Tell your boss to shove it, bring your talents to Keenan Online Your role Responsible for creating, managing, and executing highly targeted digital media campaigns, across Facebook, Instagram, [...]