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Mat Burn Podcast Ep 2

Mat Burn Episode 2 with Keenan Cornelius and Josh Hinger Mat Burn Episode 2 with Keenan Cornelius and Josh Hinger PREPARE TO BE BURNED Keenan Cornelius and Josh Hinger are back at it again covering a variety of topics such as insecurities in bjj, the "Master's Debate", and more. SHOW NOTES KEY POINTS: [...]

3 Simple Ways To Shut Down The Lapel Guard, BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS!

If you’re a guard passer, there are two things you hate most in this world… ...the lapel guard… … and … … Keenan Cornelius While we can’t solve all of your problems, today we WILL be giving you some tips for that annoying lapel guard… In this article, you’ll discover 3 ridiculously simple ways to shut down the lapel guard... ...before it [...]

A Look Inside the Mind of Keenan Cornelius

A Look Inside the Mind of Keenan Cornelius KEENAN GRABS A FIST FULL OF COLLARS Recently Keenan was a guest on FloGrappling's "A Fist Full of Collars" podcast, where they covered a wide array of interesting topics. Here's a breakdown of what to expect: SHOW NOTES KEY POINTS: •EVOLUTION OF THE NO GI [...]

Is This The Best Worm Guard Entry For Short People?

Do you shy away from playing lapel based guards because you think your legs are TOO short? Do people call you Frodo on the mats? When you buy a new gi, do you look like a 4-year-old wearing their dad's robe? It’s ok, even though you may be short in a world where the players with the longest legs have the greatest guards… [...]

5 Strategies For Defending The TOREANDO Pass

Sick and tired of having your guard and your ego smashed? The Toreando.. … or Toreada… … or Buchecha shuffle… ... is one of the most utilized guard passing styles in BJJ today. In this article, we’re going to break down the Toreando and reveal 5 separate, yet equally devastating strategies helping you to stop it dead in its tracks… … making [...]

What’s the secret trend behind modern Jiu Jitsu guards?

The secret trend behind modern guards We’ve had deep half , x-guard, reverse de la riva / de la riva / berimbolo...what’s next? There’s an interesting trend we can see with modern guards and the people who use them to great success at the highest level. They are always unique and innovative. What’s really crazy is that they’re so new and innovative that the the people [...]