Escapes / Defense

3 Simple Ways To Shut Down The Lapel Guard, BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS!

If you’re a guard passer, there are two things you hate most in this world… ...the lapel guard… … and … … Keenan Cornelius While we can’t solve all of your problems, today we WILL be giving you some tips for that annoying lapel guard… In this article, you’ll discover 3 ridiculously simple ways to shut down the lapel guard... ...before it [...]

Side Control Escape: Exposing the Back

Now you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. As common with the theme of Keenan Online, Keenan is going to demonstrate a more effective but clashing ideology with what is commonly taught on how to escape the side control position, this time by turning away and giving up the back. Ready for the next lesson? Let's...  [...]

Back Defense: Escaping the Turtle

So you've successfully stopped all incoming chokes and hooks from the turtle. Now what? Now you escape! Learn how to reverse the position and then unwind the seatbelt control to end up on and begin taking the offensive. Ready for the next lesson? Let's learn about...  Side control escape: exposing the back